Nature’s Havens on the Danube
April 22, 2015 | News

Nature’s Havens on the Danube

In 2014, the photographer Zsolt Kudich and Réka Zsirmon visited all Danube Protected Areas. With fantastic images they illustrate the beauty and diversity of the Danube natural values. But their journey along the Danube also showed them: the survival of the biodivesty is fragile. With their images, Zsolt and Réka are the best speakers to promote the role of DANUBEPARKS as Nature´s Havens on the Danube.

Following the invitation of the European Commission and with the support of the DG Regional and Urban Policy, the most beautiful of their photos, part of the DANUBEPARKS project “Nature's Havens on the Danube", are now exposed in Brussels. On 14th April, Mr. Walter Deffaa, Director General, Regional and Urban Policy, opened the exhibition and stressed the successful work of DANUBEPARKS for the Danube Region. The fascinating images found the interest of EU representatives and interested people. Grigore Baboianu, DANUBEPARKS Vice-President, congratulated Zsolt Kudich and Réka Zsirmon for their exceptional work and expressed the willingness of DANUBEPARKS, to further intensify our joint work to preserve Danube Protected Areas to be havens also in the future.

From July to October 2015, the exhibition will be shown in the visitor center of the Donau-Auen National Park schlossORTH Nationalpark-Zentrum - DANUBEPARKS is looking forward to welcoming you!