Empire of the Endangered Water Dragons in Ingolstadt
May 22, 2023 | News

Empire of the Endangered Water Dragons in Ingolstadt

While DANUBEPARKS is soon launching the Danube-wide Newt Conservation Partnership (in the framework of CEI Cooperation Fund), on May 11, 2023, a new exhibition opened in the Danube Pavilion on the north side of the Danube Dam Ingolstadt.


The name of the exhibition is „Empire of the Endangered Water Dragons“ and it is focused on the presentation of the Danube Crested Newt (Triturus dobrogicus) and related newt species. Due to their primeval appearance, crested newts are familiar as "water dragons". Endemic to the Danube River basin, these endangered species serve as the flagship species for habitat conservation along the Danube.


The exhibition was opened by the environmental mayor Petra Kleine and biologist Ralph Zange who introduced the audience to the topic.

The exhibition was designed by the Austrian Donauauen National Park in cooperation with DANUBEPARKS and brought to Ingolstadt by the City's climate, biodiversity, and Danube department (Strategien Klima, Biodiversität und Donau).


The exhibition is open until 2 July 2023 on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays from 12:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.


Come by and visit this worthwhile exhibition that provides plenty of interesting information and excellent visual content. Get an insight into the ecology, behavior, and protection measures for this vulnerable species.


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