Activities STEP 2.0


The DANUBEPARKS STEP 2.0 intensified the experience exchange and started implementation of many activities outlined in the Strategy on Tourism, Environmental Education and Regional Development, which was developed within the first project (see below).

The concept for the DANUBEPARKS visitor centre in Hungary, close to Budapest, was the first joint development of a tourism offer and will set new standards in shared communication towards the public by the network, once the exhibition is realized. To strengthen links between the existing visitor centres, digital info corners were established to provide information on the Danube’s natural treasures and to promote each other's areas and offers.

An assessment journey along the Danube, focusing on visitor centres and museums, let the partners gain new ideas, establish tourism cooperation outside the Protected Area network and identify gaps in communicating the Danube’s natural diversity. Additionally, joint quality guidelines based on these experiences now set the goals to be reached by the environmental education offers of the Protected Areas.

Last but not least, pilot projects – focusing on offers for disabled people and visitor management by assessment of carrying capacities – gave concrete examples of how to implement these quality standards as well as the positions laid down in the Tourism Strategy.