Conference and Workshop Proceedings

Tourism Task Force Meeting (Neuburg, Germany; 2014 May 27-28)
Carrying Capacity Study Danube Delta (A.Blumer) (.pdf, 10750 KB) Good Practice Research on Nature Tourism for People with Disabilities (E.Buchert) (.pdf, 1280 KB) Outdoor pedagogy with physical handicaps (German only! J. Riehl) (.pdf, 5821 KB) Most important facts when working outdoors with handicapped people (J. Riehl) (.pdf, 83 KB) Danube Limes Brand Project (S.Jilek) (.pdf, 1628 KB) TRANSDANUBE Project (Th.Wimmer) (.pdf, 1658 KB)
Black Poplar Conference (Novi Sad, Serbia; 2014 April 24-25)
DANUBEPARKS Black Poplar Activities (R.Sakic) (.pdf, 780 KB) Black Poplar - basic facts and characteristics (S.Orlovic) (.pdf, 1171 KB) Management of lowland forests in Serbia (M.Medarevic, in Serbian only) (.pdf, 1389 KB) Black Poplar Management in Croatia (V.Kusan) (.pdf, 1218 KB) Restoration and Afforestation with Black Poplar in Hungary (S.Bordacs) (.pdf, 2207 KB) Genetic Variability of Black Poplar along the Danube (B.Siler) (.pdf, 779 KB) Morphological Analysis of Black Poplar (B. Kovacevic) (.pdf, 1479 KB) Taxonomic status of Black Poplar in Duna-Ipoly National Park (S.Bordacs) (.pdf, 653 KB) Danube-wide Black Poplar Cadastre (B.Tubic) (.pdf, 1048 KB) Black Poplar Labelling Actions (G.Frank) (.pdf, 1919 KB) The Black Poplar Monography (I.Vasic) (.pdf, 633 KB) Black Poplar Reforestation in Slovakia (T.Kusik) (.pdf, 1654 KB) Black Poplar Reforestation in Bulgaria (T.Hristova) (.pdf, 737 KB)
DANUBEPARKS STEP 2.0 Kick Off Event (Ingolstadt, Germany; 2012 October 23)
Introduction to the DANUBEPARKS STEP 2.0 project (G.Frank) (.pdf, 1663 KB) Flagship Species - Black Poplar (Z.Tomovic) (.pdf, 3896 KB) Flagship Species - White-tailed Eagle (T.Parrag) (.pdf, 328 KB) Nature Tourism (G.Baboianu) (.pdf, 1940 KB) Anchoring the Network (G.Frank) (.pdf, 1111 KB) Communication and Dissemination (M.Wagner) (.pdf, 1093 KB)
DANUBEPARKS Evening Event / Final Conference (Vienna, Austria; 2012 February 27)
DANUBEPARKS Project Results (G.Frank) (.pdf, 7889 KB)

Studies, Reports, Publications

River Morphology - publications DANUBEPARKS STEP 2.0 projects
Conceptual overview of restoration options for the side-arm system of Vizvar-Belavar (.pdf, 15073 KB) Indicators for River Dynamics - preliminary results 2013 (.pdf, 1100 KB)
River Morphology - publications DANUBEPARKS 2009-2012 project
DANUBEPARKS Strategy on Conservation and Navigation (.pdf, 7838 KB) Danube Rivers Morphology and Revitalization (.pdf, 12362 KB) Analysis of the possibilities for improvement of the water regime in Srebarna Managed Reserve (.pdf, 936 KB)
Habitat Management - publications DANUBEPARKS STEP 2.0 project
Variability of European Black Poplar (Populus nigra L.) in the Danube Basin (.pdf, 4559 KB)
Habitat Management - publications DANUBEPARKS 2009-2012 project
Perspectives for Danube floodplain forests (.pdf, 8647 KB) Rezoning of strictly protected areas in Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Romania (.pdf, 4244 KB) Hungarian-Serbian Cross-border Management Plan of Karapancsa area (.pdf, 11805 KB) Croatian-Hungarian Cross-border Management Concept for Ostravaci-Duna (.pdf, 5970 KB) Management Plan Tati Islands in Duna-Ipoly National Park (.pdf, 10037 KB) Management Concept for Purchased Land in the Slovak Danube Floodplains (.pdf, 4624 KB) Hydrology Study Slovak Floodplains (.pdf, 917 KB) Woody Plants Concept for Cicov and Velky Lel areas (.pdf, 1494 KB) Concept for Restoration of Natura2000 Sites in Bratislava Capital Region (.pdf, 3615 KB) The Green Twin-City Life-Line: Cross-border conservation concept Austria-Slovakia along the Danube (.pdf, 9737 KB)
White-tailed Eagle - publications DANUBEPARKS 2009-2012
Action Plan for the conservation of the White-tailed Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) along the Danube (.pdf, 1632 KB)
Monitoring Concepts - publications DANUBEPARKS 2009-2012 project
Natura2000 Management (.pdf, 5735 KB) Report on the Danube-wide Monitoring of Little-ringed Plover and Sand Martin (.pdf, 2423 KB) Reintroduction of the Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) in Hungary (.pdf, 10383 KB) Manual of Beaver Management along the Danube River (.pdf, 6596 KB) Handbook for the European Mink (.pdf, 3549 KB) Overview Google Satellite Pictures of Danube River (.pdf, 7627 KB)
Tourism & Education - publications DANUBEPARKS STEP 2.0 project
Environmental Education in Protected Areas along the Danube: Report of the Assessment Tour and Quality Guidelines for Environmental Education (.pdf, 10158 KB) Evaluation of Carrying Capacities in the DANUBEPARKS (.pdf, 4423 KB) Evaluating the carrying capacity for visitor management in protected areas - case study Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (.pdf, 2942 KB)
Nature Tourism - publications DANUBEPARKS 2009-2012 project
Strategic Position and Action Plan on Tourism, Environmental Education and Regional Development (.pdf, 8372 KB)
Other - DANUBEPARKS STEP 2.0 project
Lessons learnt from Baltic Sea Region Strategy - involvement of Protected Areas (.pdf, 1637 KB) Analysis of organizational structures of Protected Area Administrations along the Danube (.pdf, 12987 KB) Enlargement Strategy for the DANUBEPARKS Network (.pdf, 7518 KB) Communication Plan DANUBEPARKS STEP 2.0 Project (.pdf, 702 KB)
Other - DANUBEPARKS 2009-2012 project
Communication Plan DANUBEPARKS Project (.pdf, 2113 KB)

Project Communication Tools