Walking Excursion on Veľkolélsky Danube Island

Adventurous Walk on The Island

Slovak, English, German
Whether you will walk or ride a horse on one of the last remaining big Danube islands you could all day long enjoy the pristine nature and examples of the traditional sustainable management in harmony with nature.

Technical Details

Durationbasic route up to 4 hours
Meeting Pointentrance to the island, information panel
Attendeemaximum 20
LanguagesSlovak, English, German
Costs20 €/adult, 15 €/child, student

Booking Details

please contact us by e-mail: broz@broz.sk or by phone: +421 2555 62693
Booking is required at least one week in advance!

What could you experience here

Half-day to all-day walking trip on the Veľkolélsky Island near Komárno as one of the last big remaining Danube islands in Slovakia. You will walk through different natural habitat types – soft wood floodplain forest, wet meadows or gravel shore of the Danube. Information panels at the entrance and in the middle of the island will lead you through the most interesting places like grasslands with examples of the traditional grazing by cattle (cows, sheep, goats, horses), you will see place of restored nesting banks for Sand Martin birds, side arm covered by European water chestnut, several hundred years old oaks, small nature reserve with the highest degree of protection and much more...the island is also an ornithological paradise with flocks of grey herons, cormorants and the most patient visitors will be able to see also Little-ringed Plover or White-tailed Eagle circling above the island. For horse lovers the local riding club is offering also excursions on the back of the horse. BROZ (Slovak NGO Regional Association for Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development, who has leased this island for 25 years) offers during the season skilled guides who will lead your group through the most interesting parts of the island and will gladly explain the nature conservation management which they run here.

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