Dunajské luhy Landscape Protected Area


Dunajské Luhy Protected Landscape Area site covers more than 12 000 ha of floodplain forests, forest steppes, meandering river side branches and lowland meadows and begins just right in the Slovak capital city of Bratislava in neighbourhood with Hungary. Due to its location Dunajské luhy are visited by many people from the city and the region and also by lot of foreign tourists, mostly coming by bike. There is very nice cycling route along the Danube where people could access the most valuable places in the heart of the biggest inland delta in Europe situated between villages Dobrohosť and Sap. This river-branch system represents an important birds migration corridor and water birds wintering place and therefore attracts many bird watchers. Danube and its side branches here are used for canoeing, kayaking, swimming and fishing. Nature lovers can find many nature reserves situated within Dunajské luhy. The LPA is divided into 5 parts; the last one is represented by the Veľký Lél Island near Komárno city. This island is long-term leased by BROZ and examples of conservation management like traditional meadows grazing by cattle and horses or native trees planting could be seen here.

Area between Dobrohošť and Sap includes the river-branch system, which formed the biggest inland-delta in Europe and which is also a migration corridor and a wintering place for water birds of an international importance. The Slovak-Hungarian part of the Danube was designated as an Important Bird Area. On several river islands we can find nesting colonies with hundreds and even thousands of birds. The most valuable bird species nesting in the area of Danube Floodplains in Slovakia are Black Stork, White-tailed Eagle, Black Kite and Black Woodpecker. From small terrestrial mammals we can find here important relict vole subspecies of the root vole. The Danube river with its side arms host the most fish species comparing with other Slovak rivers. In meadow communities and former river side arms we can find here more endangered orchid species, including unique Autumn Ladies'-tresses. Forests are influenced mostly by the high underground water level as well as fluctuating floods. Whole PLA is included in the list of wetlands of international importance (Ramsar Convention).



Adventurous Walk on The Island

Whether you will walk or ride a horse on one of the last remaining big Danube islands you could all day long enjoy the pristine nature and examples of the traditional sustainable management in harmony with nature.


Where the Morava River enters the Danube


The very first hills of Carpathians, unique floristic sites, nature reserves, castle ruins, confluence of Morava and Danube rivers, cruise ships harbour and much more offers the cross-border area between Slovakia and Austria.


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