World Wetlands Day 2020

February 2nd each year is celebrated as World Wetlands Day. Since February 2nd, 2020 was Sunday in most of our Protected Areas it was celebrated a day after. The international theme for World Wetlands Day 2020 is "Wetlands and Biodiversity".


On the occasion of this year's WWD celebration, we decided to share with you the content of our workshop organized by DANUBEPARKS staff at Kopački rit Nature Park.

Games and rules are described below and we hope that it will be inspiring and useful for organizing similar workshops. There were 43 participants in this workshop, so you will have to adjust the number of teams accordingly. 


1. The teams

The participants were divided into 3 teams. Teams were determined by randomly distributing cards to children that contain pictures of animals (e.g. otter, eagle and pike). After they see what picture they got, they are grouping with other participants who got the same picture.


2. Rules

Rules are briefly explained and the scoring table is created on a big piece of paper. The columns contain the names of the teams and the rows of the names of the games. The last line contains the total number of points.


3. Game: „Pictionary“

Each team is choosing its own representative. The representative pulls out a card containing the word associated with wetlands (e.g. animal/plant/phenomenon…). 

A representative has 60 seconds to try to draw the pictures which suggest the word printed on the card. The rest of the team is trying to guess the word being drawn. If the team guesses the term, they are getting 2 points. 2 rounds are played.


Example of words printed on cards: Danube, fog, flood, willow…


4. Game: "The food chain"

On plastic cups, there are pictures and names of the animals. As soon as possible, students must assemble a 5-level food chain (e.g. phytoplankton-> mosquito larvae-> frog-> fish-> white-tailed eagle). The food chain is arranged according to the levels so that the final solution looks like a "pyramid" (1st level - 5 glasses, 2nd level - 4 glasses,…., 5th level - 1 glass).

All 3 teams start playing at the same time. The team that composes the "pyramid" the fastest gets 4 points, the second team is getting 2 points, and the last one reminds without the points.


5. Game: "Guess Who"

Statements (hints) have been prepared to describe a particular animal, plant or phenomenon in wetlands. The statements are gradually reveling more about the described term - with each round, it becomes clearer what it is about.

A representative of each team is selected to provide answers on behalf of the entire team. Each team can offer 2 solutions, and if they answer incorrectly both times, they are no longer entitled to answer. The team that first offers the correct answer gets 1 point. It is suggested to prepare six different terms and statements for 6-7 rounds.


Example for hints:

Round 1: Endangered and protected species found in Kopački rit.

Round 2: Weighs 6 kg on average.

Round 3: They live in pairs all their lives.

Round 4: An estimated 70 couples currently live in Kopački Rit.

Round 5: Their nests can weigh up to 400 kg.

Round 6: The wingspan can be up to 2.5 meters.

Round 7: The bird is at the top of the food chain.

Solution: White-tailed eagle


6. Announcing the winner

It would be desirable to secure a symbolic prize for the winning team. This way, the children will have a better memory of the workshop and the motivation during the game will be greater.