Donau-Auen National Park

Free Flowing and Ever Changing

  • Location: Between Vienna and Bratislava, mostly in Lower Austria
  • Size: 9,600 hectares
  • Established: 1996

The brightly coloured kingfisher points its long beak toward the still water of the placid river branch, where a pond turtle swims below water lilies. On the shore a little ringed plover, with its nest built on a stone, is on the look out for its partner, who soars through the evening sky in search of flies and mosquitoes.

The forests, meadows, marshes and bodies of water along the Danube River form one of the largest remaining floodplains in Central Europe. Here, the Danube is still free flowing and forms the lifeline of the park. The fact that the river can form its own environment means that the wetlands landscape is constantly renewing and ever changing.